Outdoor Advertising: Alternatives to Billboards and Posters

Alternative Outdoor Advertising Ideas

Outdoor advertising is an effective tool for marketers. Traditional bus shelter and billboard poster campaigns convey the message of the brand to consumers while they are outside their homes. Traditional outdoor advertising ideas come in the form of 8-sheets and billboards.

However, there are new alternative outdoor advertising ideas that will help your brand stand out. These alternative concepts give marketers better visibility and control over the campaign. Brands and marketers have many options to choose for their campaigns. Below are some alternative outdoor advertising units that can provide positive results.

Integrate with the Environment

One of the alternative advertising ideas is to integrate the ad unit with the surrounding environment. You can achieve it seamlessly and in a clever manner. There are unlimited opportunities this type of ads. It also requires a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box. Marketers incorporate ads into existing objects and make them seem part of it.

The reason why this type of advertising unit is popular among consumers is that they are seen in places not usually used for ads. They stand out in these places because they are out of the ordinary.

Another reason why they are effective is that they interact with the environment and the people. For instance, Kit Kat placed an ad made a bench look like a chocolate bar. Just look around crowded places and you’ll see ad units cleverly disguised as part of the environment.

Alternative Use of Billboards

There are alternative outdoors advertising ideas that use traditional billboards in a different way. Marketers have found creative ways of using the traditional advertising tool. Billboards remain effective as a marketing medium because they are a means of delivering large and simple messages to many consumers. By using some creative tweaks, the platform is taken to the next level.

Marketers can also integrate the ad into the surrounding environment to give it another function. The options are limitless and depend on the marketing team’s creativity and imagination.

Mobile Billboards

Although they are still considered billboards, mobile billboards provide an interesting twist to traditional outdoor advertising. You can find mobile billboards installed on the back of a truck. It moves around the selected area for targeted impressions. Mobile billboards can also park in areas where there are no traditional billboards.


Taxi companies collaborate with marketing companies to have ads placed on top of taxis. It is an effective location because consumers see the message at eye level. Taxis can also place ad units on the back window, on the side, and the inside of the taxi.


Buses provide the same advertising options as taxis. The advantage of taxis is that they are bigger than taxis. That means the ad units are bigger. Advertising placed on buses are complemented by traditional ads placed in bus shelters. Buses deliver messages near the place where consumers make buying decisions.

Sports Venues

You can also place advertising units at sports venues. These places draw a large crowd and provide advertisers with a crowd. That means there is already an audience for the advertising message during the event, and when the event is televised. There are many options when it comes to ad placements at sports venues. Even outdoor sports such as golf offer opportunities as logos on the flags of the pins.

Aerial Advertising

One of the top alternative outdoor advertising ideas is aerial advertising. Sky banners and blimps are some of the popular types of aerial advertising. They are visible and effective. Moreover, there is no competition for space in the sky. People can easily read the message. Some marketers use hot air balloons, which is ideal because they move slowly.


Bespoke flags are cheap and can come in different sizes and shapes. They grab the attention of consumers because they are not traditional outdoor advertising units. Flags are often vertical, instead of horizontal. People will look up vertical structures and see the message on the flags.

Flags are colourful, and the size allows images and big fonts. Flags move with the wind that will make them interesting to passers-by. A moving flag is something hard not to notice.

Rain Ads

Outdoor advertising ideas are innovative. One of them is rain ads. This is created by stenciling the design on the sidewalk and applying a water-resistant solution over it. The ad unit is invisible until rain or another source of water wets it. It is perfect for businesses that want to start a rainy-day campaign.

Clean Ads

Another one of the unique outdoor advertising ideas is clean ads. Marketers place them on dirty sidewalks that are heavily cleaned with a stencil. The image and words appear on the dirty pavement. It is an environment-friendly design that is easy to install.

Projection Ads

Projection ads are innovation, and get target consumers during the evening. They easily catch the attention of people in the vicinity. This type of outdoor advertising ideas is temporary. A device projects light onto the sidewalk or side of a building to display text or images.

3D Street Art

If you want to make consumers remember the ad, then consider using 3D street art. A vinyl art has a 3D effect and attracts the attention of consumers. It can also become viral, as people will take photos of it and share on their social media accounts.

Walls Ads

Wall ads make good impressions and more likely to get the attention of consumers in the area. People will notice the image first and then read the text on it. Wall ads can be a graffiti or mural. There are instances in which they are placed inside structures, such as public transportation stations.

These are some alternative outdoor advertising ideas that you can consider for your next marketing campaign. Keep in mind that one type of ad unit might not be suitable in a given location. You should check the location first and then determine the type of advertising you are going to use there.

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